About Toan Tran Photography


I am Toan Tran, literally means "seeking for world perfection". I am a travel and portrait photographer located in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

My love for photography began years ago when I visited my uncle's and happened to view an old album of his. I found a number of photos taken by granddad - my mother's father - who was a photographer of more than four decades ago. Those pictures inspired me swiftly. I picked up my first DSLR and thought with the camera I am going to take awesome images, but turned out it was just sharper than a point and shoot that I had for years. By then I realized that a camera cannot substitute a photographer.

With that in mind, I started to dive in and learn every possible way that I could about photography. As I learn, my passion for photography grows. I enjoy creating beautiful images, and bringing smiles to people's face when they see their photos. Thanks to my family and friends who are willing to be my shooting target. Yes, I shoot people :). Fortunately, none is hurt. Instead my shoots imprint a lively and lovely fragment of their life! Such a fragment no one wishes to miss. What about you?

This picture was taken during our trip to NYC, I am standing at the Liberty Island. The far back is Manhattan.